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one eyed jacks by bob cherry author

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one eyed jacks by bob cherry author

"...Cherry’s brilliant knowing dialogue teases the reader along in a journey into
the unfathomable human heart and the universal mystery of the hidden side of a One Eyed Jack."
—Charlotte Hinger

A riveting novel that spans four decades
in the lives of a group of raucous Texans in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Charismatic Phineas Farrow enters the dreary lives of Marvin G. Crush and the wealthy local widow, Stella Villard. Marvin has long felt a deep but unrequited love for Stella, but unknown to Marvin, she now seems to be drawn to Phineas instead. The three finally agree to join in an outrageous scheme to bring wealth to their dying little railroad community in far West Texas. But because of deception, and utter failure, some of the characters are propelled beyond the community into a wilderness which tests their mettle, in a struggle for survival itself.

moving serafina by bob cherry author

"With Moving Serafina, Bob Cherry joins the ranks of the finest writers of the West, such as Elmer Kelton, Robert Flynn, and Max Evans."
—W. C. Jameson

In this contemporary novel
set in the Big Bend country of Southwest Texas, Clayton Elliott must move the grave of his infant daughter from the homestead he sold to water developers before they begin drilling into the aquifer. Clayton had promised his wife on her deathbed that he would bury their daughter next to her in the town cemetery. As he wrestles with grief and the difficult chore of moving his daughter, he is torn between his promise to his deceased wife and the vehement opposition of his lifelong friends to the drilling, which will be triggered by moving Serafina's remains.


little rains by bob cherry author
"Emotionally searing as the desert sun..."
—Lynn Bama

Set in the Southwest area of Texas
around the Big Bend country, Little Rains explores the myths and realities that define the contemporary rural West. It is a haunting novel of loss and redemption, secrets and revelations, the hard labor of growing up, and the struggle to stave off the modern world from one of the last bastions of the American West, the independent cattleman.
 Texas/Alaska Trilogy:
west of empty by bob cherry author
"Texas is famous for promotions... Bob Cherry weaves a rousing fictional account around this little-known actual event in 1896."
—Elmer Kelton

A tale revolving around
an actual staged train wreck in 1896 Texas. The kind of raucous story only possible in Texas but with moving elements surrounding the human spirit and its ability to prevail.
spirit of the raven by bob cherry author
“…characters vividly evoked, the north country beautifully described. An intricate sense of place supports a moving story…"
—Larry McMurtry

A moving story set in bush Alaska
in the 1920's, with a blend of colorful characters who must survive the harsh environment as well as their own shortcomings. Meet these vividly evoked Native Alaskans as well as "outsiders" who have come here to reinvent themselves.
inau by bob cherry
inua is a novel of hauntings and betrayals…"
—Ann Chandonnet

Set in bush Alaska in the 1970's
, this novel explores the struggle of the Native Alaskan people to regain control of their cultural heritage and land while the debate rages in Washington D.C. over the Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act. A searing and poignant story that will haunt you.