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  336 page trade paperback
ISBN: 0-9665430-1-7

In a narrative as raw and stunning as the Alaskan landscape itself, inua tells of a young Native Alaskan couple's return to their bush village from an attempt at higher education. Surrounded again by relatives and former friends, they encounter both hope and despair. Encouraged by her childhood classmate, Sonny Manatok, Chena Willow rises to political prominence in the Native struggle to reclaim rights to the land in 1970's Alaska. Her success, however, is tainted by unsuspected dark forces from outside corporate politics, as well as from her own latent desires and ambitions. Her husband, Nick, is a talented carver of traditional wooden masks. But Nick carries a dark and agonizing secret, which emerges in bouts of alcohol abuse and invades the features of his masks in horrifying and grotesque displays of the traditional inua's or Native Alaskan spirits. The resolution of his alienation from his wife, his people, and his culture becomes both searing and poignant.

 Words of Praise:
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“Bob Cherry has set the bar high with Spirit of the Raven and has cleared it with inua…"
—W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear, Dark Inheritance, People of the Lakes and Bone Walker

inua is a novel of hauntings and betrayals…"
—Ann Chandonnet, author and poet

“Bob Cherry writes about a culture in conflict with itself and the encroachment of the outside world…an aggressive and determined people who would emerge from their initial encounters…I was deeply moved by his characters' conflicting desires…I am from the world that Bob writes about."
—Perry Adkison, Alaska Native mask carver and artist